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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (如懿传)

Title: 如懿传, The Legend of Ruyi, Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

Author: 流潋紫, Liu Lian Zi, Flowing Purple

Drama Adaption: Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (2018)

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Genres:[Historical] [Drama] [Romance]

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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace is a sequel to Empresses in the Palace (Zhen Huan Zhuan), telling the story of Ula Nara Ruyi and the Qianlong Emperor, Aisin Gioro Hongli, from their reciprocal affection to their mutual loss and disillusionment.

The novel is separated into six arcs. The following is the summary of the first arc:

The palace walls have great depth, reflecting a deep vermilion. In the harem, power and position are always linked to the Emperor’s favor. The overt and covert fights between the concubines are just like the frigid winter, so cold that it reaches the bottom of people’s hearts.

The Ula Nara family background once brought supreme honor to Qingying, Hongli’s Secondary Consort. After Hongli ascended the throne, the shifts in power in the harem and the court made her identity awkward, as though there was a target on her back. To protect herself, Qingying asked the Empress Dowager to bestow new name, “Ruyi”, and was granted the position of Concubine Xian. She lived in Yanxi Palace and was at the time bereft of power. In fact, for her, the downward spiral has just begun…



Arc 1

Chapter 1: Funeral Vigil (Part 1)
Chapter 1: Funeral Vigil (Part 2)
Chapter 2: On One’s Own (Part 1)
Chapter 2: On One’s Own (Part 2)
Chapter 3: Wind and Rain (Part 1)
Chapter 3: Wind and Rain (Part 2)
Chapter 4: Straight-forward Speech (Part 1)
Chapter 4: Straight-forward Speech (Part 2)
Chapter 4: Straight-forward Speech (Part 3)


  • Ah wait, i saw BE at the end. Is it bad ending? 😱

    • Yeah, it’s a bad ending 😅

  • Hope you all will enjoy the translation! I promise the bad ending doesn’t ruin the quality of the novel😊

  • Oh no, this is going to hurt!

  • The TV series is a sad ending, I’ve heard the book is worse!

  • Chapter 4 part 3 is not available

    • Heyy, thanks for the comment — I’m once again late to updating these links (literally just got around to doing so). But if you want to view the chapter before I get around to updating the links, you can go to the sidebar and it should be accessible from under “Recent Posts”.

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