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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (Arc1 Chp1 Pt2)

Chapter 1: Funeral Vigil (Part 2)

Translator: Tygris
English proofreader: 247Reader

Née Fucha did not tell her to get up, only sighing leisurely, “In this case, by still calling you Secondary Consort, I have wronged you.”

Qingying, with her head lowered, replied, “Secondary Consorts and gege are Imperial Consorts and Concubines, and will rely on Mistress as the leader of the Six Palaces [1]六宫 (liù gōng) historically refers to the Empress and her residence, but by the Tang Dynasty, which is before the Qing Dynasty setting of this novel, it more generally referred to the collective Imperial Consorts and their residences. to adjudicate and reward. I am indeed still Secondary Consort at this time, and the mistress has not wronged me.”

Née Fucha smiled and observed Qingying carefully. “Qingying, are you just so flawless, without a single leak [2]滴水不漏 (dī shuǐ bù lòu), directly translated as ‘not a single leaked drop of water’ or ‘watertight’, describes speaking and doing things very carefully, without any flaws. or a single missed stitch?”

Qingying lowered her head even more, and said softly, “This concubine can only preserve herself by having no fault of her own. This is all reliant on Mistress’s teachings and care.”

Née Fucha considered for a moment, then said gently, “Get up.” Then she asked, “Suxin, is it [Xi]Yue Consort who is watching outside?”

Suxin hurriedly replied, “Yes.”

Née Fucha glanced around the palace and sighed. “This was arranged by Qing[ying] Consort, right? Sure enough, everything was done properly.” 

Seeing that Suxin was a little dissatisfied, she looked at Qingying and said, “You did a great job. [Xi]Yue Fujin said that I am tired… Alas, as the leader of the Imperial Harem and the titled noblewomen, how could I faint from exhaustion in front of everyone? I am afraid those scoundrels who like to excite the winds and make waves [3]兴风作浪 (xīng fēng zuò làng) refers to those who like to incite emotions and stir up trouble will chew their tongues [4]嚼舌根 (jiáo shé gēn) means to talk nonsense and say that I found an excuse to be lazy and am disrespectful to the late Emperor. In the future, how could I afford [this reputation] in front of the Empress Dowager and the Emperor?”

Qingying nodded. “This concubine understands that Mistress fainted due to overwhelming grief towards the passing of the late Emperor. Elder Sister Gao was too concerned and caring, causing her to speak wrongly.”

Née Fucha breathed a sigh of relief. “At least you still understand reason.” Her eyes lingered on Qingying, “But, do you have to be so flawless in everything you do?”

Qingying answered humbly, “This concubine serves Mistress and does not dare to do anything other than the utmost.”

“After all, [you] are a descendant of the Ula Nara Clan, meticulous and thoughtful.”  Née Fucha seemed to be praising her without praise. [5]似赞非赞 (sì zàn fēi zàn) is a grammatical match of 似笑非笑 (sì xiào fēi xiào), which means to be smiling but at the same time not – similar to smiling half-heartedly or smiling only on the surface. 赞 means to praise.

Qingying vaguely guessed what née Fucha was referring to, and felt a chill run down her back. She became more and more afraid to say anything.

Née Fucha watched her without saying a word. Qingying felt suffocated and uncomfortable. As compared to the occasional overt or covert fights between wives and concubines at qiandi ③, such silence was [already] more oppressive.

The atmosphere was as thick as gelatin. 

At just the right moment, Lianxin brought up a bowl of ginseng soup. “Mistress, drink some ginseng soup to refresh yourself. The Imperial Physician will be here soon.”

Née Fucha took the ginseng soup and stirred it slowly with a silver spoon, her expression as steady as Mount Tai. “Now that we have entered the palace, we are, after all, of one family. Why is it that you do not visit that one in Jing’ren Palace?”

Qingying said, “The late Emperor has passed away, and the Empress Dowager did not decree to allow Jing’ren Palace Niangniang [6]Term used to refer to female masters of the Imperial Harem. In this case, Jing’ren Palace Niangniang refers to the female master of the Jing’ren Palace. out of the palace for the funeral. Naturally, this concubine cannot meet her.”

Née Fucha smiled slightly and put down the ginseng soup. “Those who are destined will naturally meet.”

Qingying became increasingly unable to continue the conversation. Née Fucha had never seen her like this before, and felt a bit of joy within her heart. Even her facial color improved somewhat.

As the two of them remained in silence, the sound of striking palms outside could be heard continuously. It was the secret signal attendants gave before the emperor came in, reminding the people of the palace to be prepared.

Indeed, the Emperor was the first to come in. Née Fucha’s breath grew weak, and she called out in a low voice, “Your Majesty…”

Qingying saluted: “May Your Majesty enjoy ten thousand blessings and golden peace.”

The Emperor did not look at her, only raising his hand and saying casually, “Get up.”

Qingying stood up and retreated to the door, raising her face. The maids and eunuchs within the palace followed her out.

The Emperor quickly walked to the bed and held née Fucha’s hand: “Lang, you have been tired.”

Tears flashed in née Fucha’s eyes, and her expression grew even gentler. “It is this concubine who is incompetent and has worried the Emperor.”

The Emperor said warmly, “Your body has been weak since you birthed Yonglian and Hejing. Now you have to preside over the funeral ceremony and take care of everything in the harem. It is very tiring for you.”

Née Fucha, seeming somewhat weak, said in a low voice, “The two younger sisters, Xiyue and Qingying, are very helpful to this concubine.”

The Emperor patted the back of her hand. “That is good.” 

He gestured behind himself. “Zhen heard that you were unwell, and, unable to refrain from coming, conveniently also urged the Imperial Physician to come over and give you a closer look.”

Née Fucha said, “Thanking Your Majesty for your love and concern.”

Qingying stood outside, not daring to go far for the moment. She thought about the emperor’s appearance. She had only the darting of a frightened goose, [7]惊鸿一瞥 (jīng hóng yī piē) means to have a fleeting glimpse, similar to what one would see of a frightened goose darting away. but currently, it was clearly imprinted in her mind.

Because he was in mourning, the Emperor had not shaved his facial hair and beard; his eyes were bloodshot, presumably because he had not slept well. As she thought about this, Qingying could not help but feel distressed and whispered to Suoxin. “His Majesty has been tired, possibly because of weak fire. You go and stew some Tremella and Lotus Seed soup and send it to the Emperor’s palace every day. Remember, this must be done quietly.”

Suoxin agreed and retreated. 

Coincidentally, the Emperor [then] brought people out. Qingying saluted again. “Respectfully sending off Your Majesty. Ten thousand blessings to Your Majesty.”

The Emperor glanced at the personal attendants. How smart those people were: they immediately stood at their locations, and ceased to move, as though they were clay puppets. The Emperor took two steps forward, and Qingying followed silently. The Emperor quietly said, “Is it the case that Zhen has become more uncomely?”

Qingying wanted to laugh, but she did not dare to make a sound and could only bite her lip to hold it back. The two looked at each other. Qingying said, “Your Majesty, take care.”

At the same time, the Emperor also said, “Qingying, you take care.” 

Qingying’s heart moved, and she unconsciously gave the Emperor a longing glance. The Emperor looked back and said tenderly, “Zhen has to go ahead. Do not tire yourself out.”

Qingying responded, “Yes.” Seeing the Emperor walking away with his Imperial attendants following closely, she felt her heart suddenly warm. A slow smile came to her face.


Author’s Notes:

③Qiandi: refers to the emperor’s residence before ascending the throne. 

Ouyang Xiu of the Song Dynasty wrote in “A Letter of Resignation on Behalf of Another”: “The official who belongs to Qiandi is the first to gain promotions, accompany students in learning, without ingenuity.”. 

Gong Zizhen of the Qing Dynasty in “Instructions for the Recruitment of the Sutra Collection Building for Longquan Temple” wrote: “He also ordered that the Lama Temple in Qiandi should be used as a place to worship the Buddha and that ministers should be responsible for it.” 

A second meaning refers to a crown prince who has not yet ascended the throne. In chapter 50 of The Illustrated History of Chinese Literature by Zheng Zhenduo: “When Chengzu was in Qiandi, he was already the host of the literati.”


TL Notes:

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