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Meet the Translation Team!

Hello~ We are the Nyanovels Translation Team!

If you are new to our site, welcome! We hope you enjoy reading our projects:

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-These are fan translations
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If you are a regular reader, thank you so much for supporting our work! <3

~❁ꕥ❁~ ฅ/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ฅ ~ACTIVE MEMBERS~ ฅ/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ฅ ~❁ꕥ❁~




Translator | Site Owner

Hello, My name is Nyamachi ~ I am a newbie cat translator for Chinese web novels and the owner of the site. I started translating in December 2019 to improve my Chinese. My level is somewhere in the intermediate range. I mainly read what I can and look up words/phrases when I can’t recognize the character – which happens a lot! I’d appreciate any constructive feedback.

I grew up on historical dramas so I feel comfortable with that setting. It’s fun to translate formal language and poems :3

I’m deeply thankful to Wujigege for helping me to set up this site and well as JimmyfromIT who helped me make all the lovely cat images like the one above! Last but not least, thank you to the many readers who have followed me onto this new domain. I’m so grateful to you for sticking with me! *bows* I will continue to work hard to bring you quality web novel translations!!

I hope you have a good experience on and wish you happy novel reading!

Fun Facts about Nyamachi

  • Nyamachi = “にゃ町” or “Meow(Cat) Village”
  • Nyanovels was created around the idea of two things I love, cats and reading :3
  • I am basically a cat – I love fish, tend to be nocturnal, love headpets <3
  • I have a lot of cat-themed items… clothing, purses, pins, lunch bag, wallet, headphones, mugs…
  • The only thing I’m missing is a cat of my own. Ironically, I’m allergic 🙁


Proofreader | Editor | Avi/Logo Designer

Hello, my name is JimmyfromIT! I do proofreading for Nyanovels and am the creator of the logos and images you see around the site!

Fun Facts about JimmyfromIT

  • Origins of my name: People say I look like a Jimmy and I’m usually the IT guy in my friend circles. Very creative, I know.
  • Avid food adventurer
  • I make some dope scrambled eggs


Translation Assistant/Scribe | Jack-of-All-Trades

Hello, this is [redacted]. I help with the translation process.
^[redacted]-chan helps Nyamachi with scribing, co-translating, proofreading, editing, and occasionally managing posts~

Fun Facts about [redacted]

  • [redacted] does not like vegetables
  • I joined Nyanovels on Halloween (2020)
  • I have never eaten a proper taco



hai im tygris & im a translator! hope you enjoy reading our translations :3

Fun Facts about Tygris

  • I enjoy napping
  • I spend way too much time reading novels and not doing work
  • I’m a foodie
  • meow


Translation Assistant/Scribe | Proofreader | Editor

I’m 247reader; I help out with scribing and proofreading.

Fun Facts about 247Reader

  • I’ve been riding horses since I was six
  • I bake banana bread and little else
  • I have a fluffy cat named Tamar who found us in the middle of a national forest


Translation Assistant/Scribe

Hello, I’m Petrified. I’m helping scribe for Held in a Lonely Castle. Other than that, I look forward to seeing the completion of the novel because reading is one of my passions. Additionally, I love music too, most genres are fine and if you listen to marching band shows, you know what’s up!

Fun Facts about Petrified

  • I’ve been playing the marimba for the past 3 years
  • I have parasailed in the Pacific Ocean
  • I tried to eat spicy ramen twice but failed both times because my stomach was melting under the heat


Proofreader | Editor

Hi! I’m CelestialDumpling. I help edit things when I’m not writing my own (eastern fantasy) stories.

Fun Facts about CelestialDumpling

  • I like making art
  • Favorite food is froyo (and ramen)
  • Soft spot for fuzzies


Site Admin

Hi! I’m chi! I like reading esp. manhwas & novels. Unfortunately, I think I’m a relatively slow reader?? or maybe just average speed…🤔 I normally stay away from novels over 300 chapters bc I’m stubborn and I tend to binge read.

Fun Facts about Kyeopchi

  • I like doing archery. (Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to practice for quite a long while.)
  • I bake and sometimes I create my own recipes.
  • I draw and paint, both traditional and digital.


Translation Checker

Hello, my name is Shine, I’m helping with translation checking or researching the terms in the story, especially for HLC!

Fun Facts about Shine

  • I enjoy reading so much
  • I love to drink tea
  • I’m happy when I find the novel that I like by coincidence

~❁ꕥ❁~ ฅ/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ฅ ~PAST MEMBERS~ ฅ/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ฅ ~❁ꕥ❁~



Translation Assistant/Scribe

Hello! I’m Saltnpepper, and I’ll be helping out with the scribing.

Fun Facts about Saltnpepper

  • I love hedgehogs, which is kind of how I came up with this username
  • I love trying out new flavours of ice cream!
  • I stress bake whenever I have time



Hello, this is Silverylazes that has been around for quite a while! I also go by other names such as Ruiling or Sheng Ling or many more etc. I am a current translator for Nyanovels working alongside with the others because I am trying to cure my boredom! Do take care of me and leave high ratings on our novels hehe~

Fun Facts about Silverylazes

  • I’m an androgynous person that identifies as a non-binary person online and have no actual gender. My preferred pronouns: they/them.
  • I have about 5+ ongoing translation projects
  • I’m illegal potat kek
  • I write stuff in my own free time!


Translation Assistant/Scribe

Hello, I am lazilily, a lily magnolia that enjoys spending her idle time lazily reading romance novels. 3_3
I am a working student studying CS, but I am learning Chinese in my leisure time (when I am not reading romance novels). If you are reading this, I wish you a wonderful time of day! ヽ(ヅ)ノ

Fun Facts about Lazilily

  • The scientific name of lily magnolia is actually Magnolia liliiflora.
  • I like using semicolons ;;;
  • I am very passionate about education

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