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I’m Nyamachi, a newbie cat translator. I started translating in December 2019 as a way to improve my Chinese. That said, I will definitely make mistakes in the future. Please don’t hesitate to point out any translation errors you find! I deeply appreciate any feedback you have about my work! JimmyfromIT proofreads my translations. He’s been a huge help, especially with word choice and sentence structure. He’s also the one behind the beautiful logo above and the lovely cat images you see around the site. Silverylazes is a new translator who joined our team recently. We’ll be collaborating on upcoming chapters of Why Harem Intrigue! Feel free to read more about us!


Important things to know: I cannot guarantee regular translations because of IRL things however I do set translation goals for myself to meet each month. Please refer to the [Translation Goals] section on the sidebar for the most up-to-date schedule. That being said, while releases may be more spread out compared to other groups, every release will be of high-quality~ Thank you in advance for your patience between chapters.

Here you can find Chinese webnovel translations for:

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If you’ve followed me from my other WordPress blog, Nyamachi Translations, you might be wondering, “Why did Nyamachi move?” As I’ve become more invested in translating, I’ve been thinking of ways to better establish myself. I want to improve my site for you, the readers, and try and avoid translator pitfalls. This new domain is more secure, will let me add plugins to improve your reading experience (dark-light theme, footnotes etc.), and give me more creative freedom (pretty colours!! woo~). Plus, isn’t this domain name the cutest?! Nyamachi’s cat-self approves. :3

**Shiny New Features**

  • Footnotes – No more scrolling back and forth! Nyamachi’s translation note will pop up immediately if you hover over the number. If you prefer to scroll, just click on the footnote and you’ll be automatically directed to the table at the end. There’s a convenient button to scroll back up as well!
  • Reactions with pretty colours! – Better than just a regular like button :3
  • Dark Mode – Read comfortably at night (I love this feature personally!)
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Optimized images so that chapters can load faster
  • A font resizer – Adjust your text size to reduce eyestrain! (Important during this digital age!)
  • Lastly, I have added a PayPal button to the website – any donations are deeply appreciated but don’t feel any pressure to donate. I started translating to improve my Chinese and that goal hasn’t changed. Your comments already do so much to brighten my day! <3

I’m extremely humbled and grateful for all the feedback I’ve received so far!
I promise to continue working hard to bring you high-quality translations.
As always, thanks for your patience between chapters and sticking with me <3

Happy reading!


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