Held in the Lonely Castle (孤城闭)

Held in the Lonely Castle – Cover

Title: 孤城闭, Gu Cheng Bi, Held in the Lonely Castle

Author: 米兰Lady, Mi Lan Lady

Drama Adaption: Serenade of Peaceful Joy (2020)

Novel Updates Page: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/held-in-the-lonely-castle/

Genres: [Drama] [Harem] [Historical] [Josei] [Romance] [Tragedy]

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Between a relationship with love without physical affection and a loveless marriage, which would you choose?

In this story, buried deep within the annals of Song Dynasty history, the Emperor’s beloved daughter chose the former.

In the eyes of Censor Sima Guang and the rest, the story’s female lead “doesn’t respect the teachings of her elders and doesn’t know the meaning of virtue. She acts as she pleases, absolutely fearless. She has frequently disobeyed her Imperial Father’s orders and disgraced her husband’s family’s ancestors,” while the male lead “doesn’t keep to his station. His sinful crimes have grown as tall as a mountain. He should be publicly executed.” Their universally shocking and shunned love is hidden within the criticism of these moral articles.

“Mistaken meeting,
on Taoyuan Road.
A hazy sunset covered thousands of miles.
My lord is leaving and I can’t make him stay.
Under the autumn moon, a spring breeze blows.
The peach blossom petals scatter like red rain.
The face I long for has disappeared from view.”

– Collection of Musings, Second Work, Taoyuan, Tang Dynasty – Anonymous

(Learn more about the poem~)

Releases for this project will be slower (approx 1 chapter monthly or bimonthly) because of the technical difficulty/research needed in translating and my current limited availability.
It takes much longer to translate one chapter/part of Lonely Castle compared to my other project,
Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead?

Chapters are naturally divided into parts in the raws.
Thank you for your patience <3



Chapter 1: Autumn Riverside, Esteemed Guests, A Pair of Geese Fly Overhead

Chapter 2: Noticing You Since That Time We Met (恁时相见已留心)


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  • Thank you for translating this!! This is the first time I read a novel with an eunuch as the main male, thank you Translator Sama !

    • Hi Nona! Thanks for your comment. It’s my first time reading a novel with a eunuch ML too! I’d love to know your thoughts as the story goes on! Thanks for your patience in between chapters <3

  • Please continue to translate
    I m dying waiting for this incredible novel
    I watched the drama series but a novel says it all the best ….please translate

    • Hi Liew, Glad you like (or are at least looking forward to) the novel! Don’t worry, translation hasn’t stopped! I should have the next chapter up by tonight or tomorrow. I’m moving, so translating has taken a bit of a backseat this week.

      Part of the reason for slow releases is, in part, because of tendonitis in my wrists as I’m the only active tl atm ^ ^; If you’re interested in faster releases, please check out the recruitment post for translation assistants 🙂

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