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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (Arc1 Chp3 Pt2)

Chapter 3: Wind and Rain (Part 2)

Translator: Tygris
English proofreader: 247Reader

Hailan nodded docilely, entered, and gave a greeting bow, explaining, “After sleeping through half the night and sweating all over, [this concubine] feels much better. After hearing that the Secondary Consort has come back, [this concubine] specially came to pay respects; otherwise, [this concubine] would be uneasy at heart.”

Qingying smiled. “You have lived at my place for some days already; there is no need to be so reserved. Suoxin, help Little Mistress Hailan up to a seat.”

Hailan, showing sincere fear and dread, said, “[This concubine] does not dare.” She carefully gazed at Qingying. “[This concubine] heard that Gao Xiyue wronged Elder Sister again tonight.”

“Oh,” Qingying sounded. “Your body is still unwell, and they have not let you rest at peace, purposefully letting these words travel to your ears.”

Hailan stood up in a panic. “This concubine does not dare.”

Qingying gave a slight smile. “I am afraid that you would be worried and not make a full recovery.”

Hailan said humbly, “This concubine is a person within Little Mistress’s palace. Only by courtesy of Little Mistress’s care, could [this concubine] have a place of shelter back at qiandi. How dare [this concubine] not share the burden for Little Mistress?”

Qingying said mildly, “You should sit down. Standing too long could cause dizziness again.”

Only then did Hailan sit down. Humbly, she spoke, “In front of Little Mistress, this concubine does not dare to be other than straightforward in her words. At qiandi, though [Xi]Yue Consort inevitably quarreled with Little Mistress, she never did so in such a public manner. This event was sudden, and [this concubine] feared there would be a mishap.” She looked up at Qingying and whispered, “Fortunately, Little Mistress had forbearance.”

Qingying was silent for a moment, then said, “Gao Xiyue’s sudden change of temperament made even Jin Yuyan feel strange. Yet, you are the only one who will discuss ‘forbearance’ with me.”

Hailan replied, “Little Mistress is wise. How could you not understand that Gao Xiyue, who had previously been more gentle than anyone, now wants to rise above Little Mistress. Such a public humiliation of Little Mistress truly should not be tolerated. It is just that…”

“It is just that the situation is not yet clear, and the positions in the harem have not yet been determined. Speaking of consequences, the Emperor and the Empress will naturally be the ones to punish her. No matter how much humiliation I suffer, I cannot react and ruin the funeral ceremonies of the late Emperor.”

Hailan looked at Qingying, her eyes full of praise and admiration. “Little Master has considered all aspects.” 

She hesitated to speak, as if she had something to say but could not bear to say it in the moment. 

Qingying had known [Hailan] for more than just a day or two. “If you have anything to say, just go ahead and say it. There are no outsiders here.”

Hailan twisted a silk handkerchief, seeming somewhat uneasy. “This concubine was feeling better today and originally wanted to go and check on the Mistress’s condition. Unexpectedly, when [this concubine] arrived, [this concubine] heard Lianxin and Suxin, who serve beside Mistress, taking advantage of the spare moments afforded by carrying over medicine to gossip. They said that [Xi]Yue Consort’s father, the Supervisor of the Jiangnan Waterways, Gao Bin, Minister Gao, is highly relied upon by the Emperor and that the Emperor may want to raise the banner② of the Gao Clan.”

An explosion rang out in Qingying’s mind. She murmured, “Raise the banner?”

The worry on Hailan’s face was like a gloomy dark cloud, getting thicker and thicker. “That may be the case! Although this concubine is lowly, [this concubine] still entered as a Talented Girl [1]秀女 (xiù nǚ) refers to girls from bannered clans who were all required to attend palace selections. The girls from the top three banners are selected yearly to be presented as wives, consorts, or concubines to the Imperial family members or relatives. The girls of any of the eight banners are selected every three years, and if selected, usually enter the palace or imperial residences as servants. Yes, even the servants of the Imperial family need to be from families of rank.. [This concubine] has a degree of understanding concerning these matters. The Tongjia Clan, who were the first to have their banner raised since the founding of the Qing Dynasty, is the family of the biological mother of Emperor Shengzu, Kangxi: Empress Dowager Xiaokang. This is a supreme honor!”

Qingying said gloomily, “This is indeed a supreme honor. Gao Xiyue is also of the Han Banners. Once the banner is raised, she would be considered a Manchu Bannerman. Originally, her birth was the only aspect somewhat inferior to mine. If this is true, then [her status] would rise above mine greatly.”

Hailan was a little worried. “Everyone believes that Little Mistress received overwhelming favor and affection back at qiandi, enjoying great blessings and luck. But as this concubine sees the situation, the troubles attracted are greater than the blessings received. [This concubine] hopes that Little Mistress will take care in all matters.” In a somewhat dejected manner, she added, “These words are not pleasant to the ears…”

Qingying was slightly moved. “Although not pleasant to the ears, these words are top-notch. Hailan, thank you very much.”

Hailan’s eyes flashed, and she said warmly, “This concubine will never forget Little Mistress’s great kindness. This concubine will take her leave first.”

Watching as Hailan’s figure disappeared into the night, Qingying grew somewhat lost in thought. “Suoxin, looking at Hailan…”

Suoxin observed, “She has been next to Little Mistress for many years. In terms of respectfulness and obedience to the rules, none can compare to her. Additionally, she is very sensible and places Little Mistress first in all ways.”

Qingying concentrated her thoughts. “That seems to be the case. But would such a rule-abiding person pay such detailed attention to the big and small matters of the palace?”

Suoxin did not think there was anything untoward. “Precisely because she pays attention to all matters big and small, she can be careful and avoid mistakes.”

Qingying smiled. “Although these words refer to her, you should also learn them well.”

Suoxin said, “Yes.”

Qingying stood up, walked to the makeup mirror, and took off her makeup under Suoxin’s service. “It is just a pity that with such a temperament and appearance, she has only been favored by the Emperor two or three times. Over the years, she has suffered.”

Suoxin shook her head. “Little Mistress has uplifted her. What is Little Mistress Hailan’s identity? Her father, E’er’ji’tu, is a minister [2]外郎 (wài láng) may refer to the Yuan’wai’lang (员外郎) official position of the Qing Dynasty. During the Qing Dynasty, Yuan’wai’lang was a fifth-grade civil official position that had no real power or purpose and one that merchants and other wealthy families could obtain by ‘donating’ a sum of money. Anyway, Hailan’s father was a powerless, low-rank official who even managed to lose his official hat, becoming someone truly with neither position nor power. who lost his official position and was dismissed from duty. Although, back then, she was indeed a Talented Girl sent over to qiandi by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but with this kind of identity, she could only be a maid working in the embroidery room. If the Emperor had not haphazardly favored her, and you had not then begged the Emperor to grant her a concubine’s title so that she became a gege, by today she would have long ago been tossed to the back of the Emperor’s mind. Who knows what kind of situation she would be in.”

Qingying glanced at Suoxin through the mirror. “Do not foolishly say these types of words. The Emperor will soon title all the old people [3]Not old as in age, but ‘old’ as in ‘old friend’. Referring to those who had been with the Emperor for a time already. from qiandi, and Hailan will definitely have a share. If you say this again, then you are disrespecting the Masters above.”

Suoxin was somewhat frightened. “This slave understands. Being in the palace is not the same as being at the residence.”

Qingying looked out the window at the inky-black night, once again thinking of Hailan’s earlier words, and slowly sighed.

Author’s Notes

②Raising the banner: A system through which the Qing Dynasty government changed the associated banner of the Empresses’ and Concubines’ clans to improve their origins and birth. This includes not only lifting those of the baoyi [4]Refers to either the bondservants or those of the same household of the Manchu, except that the servants of those of the Manchu Upper Three Banners had their own household registrations and were associated with Manchu Banners. In other words, if your master was powerful enough, then as a trusted servant you also rose in social status and power. status or Han surname to the Han Army Eight Banners, but also lifting those of the Han Army Eight Banners to the Manchu Eight Banners and even lifting those of the [Manchu] Lower Five Banners to the [Manchu] Upper Three Banners.

Translator’s Notes

Hailan: Hello I am here to drop a news bomb on you as my first appearance in the story. 

Qingying: Isn’t Gao Xiyue going to step all over me now?? 

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