Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 54)

Chapter 54: Currying Favour (讨好)

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It was quiet inside Bi’xiao Palace. Nurse Feng, Yin’cui, and Bi’shui guarded Meng Sangyu’s bed. Her complexion was pale and her hands and feet were cold to the touch. She had eventually fallen asleep due to the effect of the medicine, but she trembled from time to time, appearing extremely disturbed within her deep slumber.

Nurse Feng’s heart ached. She covered Meng Sangyu in another thick cotton quilt and then lit a brazier in the bedchamber. Thinking of Jieyu Su’s death, her heart jumped in alarm and she hurried to open the window a crack.

When she saw the gradually approaching bright yellow imperial carriage appear in the heavy snow through the window, she was momentarily stunned. Then, she beckoned Yin’cui and Bi’shui to follow her outside to receive His Majesty. Her Ladyship was ill. What did His Majesty come here for? He couldn’t be here to attend to her illness, could he? That would be utterly ridiculous!

“These servants greet Your Majesty.” The three of them walked quickly to the door and knelt down, deliberately lowering their voices. Due to Nurse Feng’s timely intervention, the eunuchs guarding the door were unable to loudly announce, ‘His Majesty has arrived.’ [1]You probably know this from watching dramas, but every time the Emperor or Consorts go somewhere, servants by the door loudly announce their arrival.

Debarking the carriage with large strides, Emperor Zhou’wu saw their actions and knew that Sangyu must have already fallen asleep. He was extremely satisfied with these three loyal servants who were protecting their master.

“How is Sangyu?” He strode towards the bedchamber, his voice lowered to a whisper.

Sangyu? What kind of address was that? All three of them stared blankly, however Bi’shui was the quickest to react and hurriedly responded, “Replying to Your Majesty, Her Ladyship drank medicine and is now sleeping. Please forgive Her Ladyship for not being able to get up to greet your honoured self.”

Emperor Zhou nodded noncommittally. His steps unconsciously quickened by a few degrees and Nurse Feng and the others had to follow behind at a trot.

The wide bed of carved rosewood was thickly covered with bedding and the hall had underfloor heating and an additional brazier. One could feel the sudden rise in temperature as soon as one entered. Yet the woman curled up in the bed had a pale complexion. Her body shivered and her delicate brows were tightly knitted together. Her originally rosy lips were dry and chapped and she looked unbearably cold.

With two layers of quilts covering her, her form had completely sunken into the mattress. This made her look so delicate and fragile as if she could break at the slightest touch.

Emperor Zhou’wu suddenly stopped. For a moment, it felt like his heart had stopped until he felt a sharp pain from his chest and realized that he hadn’t taken a breath for a long time. He had never seen such a fragile Sangyu before. It seemed that his suspicion and exploitation had caused all her sorrows and misfortunes! Although he was a monarch, he seemed so powerless before Sangyu. Even though he wanted to make amends, he could not even find a place to start!

The colour of his eyes gradually darkened and endless resentment rose up in his heart, resentment for himself.

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“Your Majesty, Her Ladyship is fine. After your honoured self has seen her, Your Majesty should return as soon as possible, lest your honoured self catches ill.” Feeling the deep melancholy emanating from the emperor’s body, Nurse Feng spoke cautiously. Wasn’t it just being absent from nursing duties? The Emperor wouldn’t go so far as to be angry with Her Ladyship, would he?

“Has Sangyu taken her medicine? How could she suddenly have received such a shock?” Emperor Zhou’wu listened to her words as if he had not heard them. He quietly walked over to the bed, lowering his voice to ask.

“Replying to Your Majesty, she has taken it. A puppy that Her Ladyship used to raise died and thinking of Lord Imperial Duke, of whom there has been no news, she was overly anxious.”

“So that’s what happened. Has she taken the nourishing medicine?” At the mention of A’Bao, his dark eyes flickered slightly. He wanted to reach out to touch Sangyu’s face but stopped. He turned around and walked towards the brazier.

Nurse Feng followed behind. Forcibly suppressing the resentment in her heart, she said softly, “Replying to Your Majesty, Her Ladyship will drink the medicine once she wakes up.” It was best not to drink it!

“Well, don’t forget. Sangyu has a weak constitution and needs to nourish her body.” Emperor Zhou’wu carefully instructed. Once he felt that his body was warm enough, he turned back to the bed, rubbed his hands together, lifted the covers off Sangyu and got in.

Nurse Feng and the others were frozen. What was going on here? Wasn’t he going to leave after questioning them? How come he fell asleep? And before sleeping, he didn’t forget to dispel the cold; When did His Majesty become so considerate?

While Nurse Feng and the others were dumbfounded, Chang’xi, who was already immune to strangeness, stepped forward to remove the Emperor’s boots and tuck in the corners of the blanket.

Emperor Zhou’wu cupped the woman’s pale, cold face and pressed it against his own cheek, trying to bring her a touch of warmth. His fingertips brushed over the dark circles under her eyes in a gesture of indescribable tenderness. With a low sigh, he planted a kiss on the woman’s forehead and took her preciously into his arms, his heart aching due to the woman’s much thinner body.

Nurse Feng and the others hung their heads in unison to hide the shocked expressions on their faces. This was His Majesty, right? How could he be so gentle with Her Ladyship? The affectionate eyes and caring gestures were just like how one would treat their treasures. They all wondered if they had been mistaken!

After he relaxed his breathing and saw that Sangyu was sleeping soundly, not being awakened by himself, but instead fondly curling towards his chest, Emperor Zhou’wu’s eyes perked up with laughter. He ordered in a low voice, “You can all leave. I will accompany Sangyu to sleep for a while!”

“Yes.” Nurse Feng and the others went out in a trance while Chang’xi held the horsetail whisk and guarded the entrance of the hall.

“Sangyu, Zhen will never let you be left alone again. You can try to rely on Zhen and trust Zhen.” He cupped the woman’s cheek and whispered in her ear, then delicately kissed the crown of her soft head.

The man’s body temperature was warm and his rich voice carried the power to soothe the heart. Without realizing it, Meng Sanyu stopped trembling and whimpered, curling into his arms. Her small hands reflexively clutched at his lapel, as if she was afraid he would run away. It was only when she was unconscious that she would reveal her inner vulnerability and want to find a warm embrace.

“Yes, that’s it. Just like that.” He patted her small hand that was tensing too much and softly kissed the back of it. Emperor Zhou’wu hugged her against his chest and sighed facing the vivid purple bed curtain. He knew that when Sangyu woke up, she would become the strong, independent, and distant Virtuous Consort again. He could only get a moment of her warmth in his dreams.

Holding his most precious person, the man’s troubled mind calmed down and he gradually fell into a daze. Just then, there was the sound of footsteps outside the hall. He frowned, immediately snapping to alertness. His pitch-black eyes glanced towards the door.

“Your Majesty, Commander Yan requests an audience outside the hall.” Chang’xi stopped five metres from the bed and reported back in a quiet voice.

“Understood, Zhen will be right there.” Emperor Zhou’wu waved Chang’xi away, kissed Meng Sangyu on the cheek, and stared in awe at her sleeping face for a moment before quietly leaving.

“Take good care of your master and send someone to inform Zhen immediately if there are any problems.” He prudently instructed Nurse Feng and the others before walking towards Yan Jun’wei, who was waiting outside the hall. After taking two steps, he turned back and enunciated each word, adding, “No matter when. Are we clear?”

“Understood!” Sensing how important this matter was to the Emperor, Nurse Feng and the others hastened to answer. Staring after the bright yellow imperial carriage that gradually became obscured by the wind and snow, the three looked at each other with puzzled expressions. What was wrong with His Majesty? How come his attitude was so different from before?

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In Qian’qing Palace, Emperor Zhou’wu held a secret missive as he read it over. Yan Jun’wei stood, slightly bowed, by the side of the imperial desk wearing a stern expression.

“Shen Zhong’liang planned to fight to the death. [2]鱼死网破 (yúsǐ wǎngpò) A Chinese idiom meaning a life and death struggle or fighting at the risk of mutual destruction. Its literal meaning is: either the fish dies or the net splits. He actually went so as far as to want to ally with Huai’nan Wang and raise troops in rebellion – Hmph!” Setting down the letters, a derisive smile spread across the man’s peerlessly handsome face.

The Imperial Preceptor’s manor was being heavily monitored by the secret guards and Shen Zhong’liang’s every move was habitually sent to the Emperor’s desk, yet he was still risking everything on this venture during this time. One could only say that when someone sought death, even ten horses couldn’t pull them back. The two were indeed father and daughter, seemingly smart, but actually both stupid to the extreme.”

Yan Jun’wei curled his lips in disdain and coldly said, “Your Majesty, he even wanted to release the rumour that your honoured self is a double to lure Huai’nan Wang and Xiang’bei Wang to attack the Capital. This scourge can’t be left alive! Would your honoured self like this subordinate to……” He raised his hand and made a slicing motion.

“No need. The scholars taking the imperial examination are already up in arms. It won’t be long before he falls from grace. Killing him at this time will calm things down again. When the secret guards bring back evidence of his collusion with foreign enemies from the frontier, Zhen will settle all the scores together. Even if he dies, Zhen will make sure that he leaves behind an infamous legacy for all time so that the Shen clan will never recover!” Emperor Zhou’wu waved his hand and laughed lightly. He spoke in a seemingly casual tone, but it carried a ghastly and terrifying murderous aura.

“Yes.” Yan Jun’wei nodded. Death wasn’t frightful but waiting for death was. It was fine to let Shen Zhong’liang put up a last-ditch struggle for a while longer.

“By the way, your identity has already been made public. How did Imperial Duke Qi’s Manor react?” The man raised his thick eyebrows, his face full of interest.

“Ah, they want to welcome this subject back with great fanfare, but unfortunately, this family is already divided. The dispute over the title has also been settled. Everyone in the Capital knows that Imperial Duke Qi’s Manor has offended this subject to death. If this subject returns, wouldn’t it invite ridicule? In the future, Imperial Duke Qi’s Manor and this subject have nothing to do with each other. Please feel free to take care of them as Your Majesty sees fit. This subject can also help, if necessary!”

Yan Jun’wei’s wore a brilliant smile. After having killed his mother and trying to turn him into a cripple, he had long since lost every ounce of affection for that family. They were supposed to be the noble and dignified Imperial Duke’s Manor yet they actually sent an illegitimate daughter to the Imperial Preceptor’s Manor to be a concubine for Shen Xi’yan! What would be the best way to describe them? Ah! It was the same old saying: If someone sought death, even ten horses couldn’t pull them back!

Thinking until here, Yan Jun’wei felt ashamed of his own meagre education. How come it was always this saying? It was certainly a bad year. There were too many people seeking death!

“This servant greets Your Majesty and Commander. This servant has just been to the Taming Enclosure. There is a foreign dog that looks exactly the same and is around the same size as A’Bao. However, the dog recently caught a cold and is still being treated, so this servant could not bring it over.” Chang’xi appeared at the entrance of the hall. Holding the horsetail whisk, he bowed respectfully to the two men.

“What does Your Majesty intend to do with the foreign dog?” Yan Jun’wei was full of doubt. The Emperor hated pets with fur the most and went to great lengths to avoid them.

“Give it to Virtuous Consort. She knows that A’Bao has died, so sending her an identical one might cheer her up.” Emperor Zhou’wu’s expression turned serious and he awkwardly waved his hand, “You can go now.”

Yan Jun’wei grinned, saluted and withdrew. When did His Majesty also learn to curry favour? Her Ladyship Virtuous Consort was amazing!

Once he was out of earshot, Emperor Zhou’wu intently asked, “Caught a cold? Is it serious? Are there any more dogs like it?”

“Replying to Your Majesty, of the two foreign dogs that Gaul sent over, the male dog died of illness from improper care and the female dog also died of illness after giving birth to four puppies. Only two pups survived. One was Virtuous Consort’s A’Bao and the other was adopted by Cai’ren An. [3]才人 (cáirén) is a low-ranked imperial concubine acknowledged for their talent. It literally translates to Talented Lady. As noted in the list of characters and place names, this title will be left in pinyin like for Jie’yu Su. It was abandoned at the Taming Enclosure after it got sick and this servant heard that it was seriously ill.”

“Send Imperial Physician Wen over to take a look. Tell him to cure the dog, no matter what, and report to Zhen as soon as it has recovered.” Emperor Zhou’wu appointed the Imperial Physician [who had looked after him] during his time as A’Bao.

“Understood.” Chang’xi bowed and assented.

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