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Recruitment! | Looking for Translation Assistant(s)

Hello readers!

I hope everyone had a cozy Lunar New Year (Year of the Ox!) and Valentine’s Day!

Since everyone’s schedules have become a bit busier/less syncable lately, I was thinking that it might be good to grow the smol TL team a little more so that we can (hopefully) release/translate chapters a bit faster~

So my question to you is: Would you like to become a translation assistant??


  • Help release chapters of your favourite novel faster!
  • Read ahead of everyone else as we go~ *Currently, I release chapters as I finish translating them but I’m hoping to eventually create a stockpile for more regular-paced releases 
  • Embrace the cat life :3 Become a cat!

What you’ll be doing (Main tasks in bold)

  • Scribing/Typing (Nyamachi will dictate – wrists still not 100%)
  • Copy-pasting text
  • Helping with word choice/phrasing
  • Occasionally helping with researching what certain words mean *Definitely more of this for Held in the Lonely Castle
  • Proofreading/editing (if you like)
  • Helping to edit/manage certain blog posts (e.g. Ancient Glossary, Character/Place Name Pages) (if you like)

Nya is looking for someone with these skills:

  • Able to type/google/click things~
  • English fluency
  • Internet~
  • Good at communicating (via Discord) – You don’t need to reply the minute you see it but please don’t leave us hanging! If you’re busy or don’t have time, say so!
  • Proficient in using Google Drive/Google Docs
  • Comfortable voice chatting
  • A flexible but reliable person
  • Knowledge of pinyin – Correct spelling *Asset
  • Some knowledge of Chinese (basic words like 不,人,女,大,生 etc.) *Asset – This is to make it easier to follow along when Nya is stuck on a word
  •  Able to read pinyin with proper tones *Asset – This is mainly to help Nya learn to read Chinese

The position would be voluntary and I will credit you for your help in the chapter. I’m looking for at least one more assistant to help me translate Why Harem Intrigue and Held in the Lonely Castle, ideally for the long-term/until we reach the end of the novel(s).

If you have free time and are interested, please leave me a message via the contact form with a short self-intro, your availability in Eastern Standard Time, and what novel you’re interested in helping out with.

Thank you! *This cat bows in thanks <3*



  • Additional benefit:
    Getting to hear Nyamachi’s lovely voice~ Can guarantee it is very soothing

  • Would love to try and help out, but I don’t know Chinese. 😅
    Anyway, I wish you good luck in finding an assistant! 💙

    • Hi Euna! You don’t need to know Chinese at all! It just helps if you do 🙂 We would love to have you if you’re still interested in helping out!

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