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Help Contribute to a Special Surprise~

Happy Halloween, Dear Readers <3
Be safe if you’re trick-or-treating!!
I’m sorry this isn’t WHI Chp 43 

A chappie will be released by the end of the day (my time~). Hoping to make it before witching hour~ :3


The Nyanovels team is planning a special surprise to celebrate our first year translating and we need your help (and creativity~)!


**✿❀ Your Task ❀✿**
Please find a reference to seven, eight, nine, ten, AND eleven of something from Why Harem Intrigue or Held in the Lonely Castle on the Nyanovels website! It could be from a chapter or one of the other posts e.g. ancient glossary or ancient ranks and titles~

There might be something that already exists, something plot-related, or you can be creative and group something together [One series per suggestion please~] It could be anything~ the date it was published, a group of characters from the series, a Chinese idiom etc.

Once you find or come up with something, comment below with your suggestion and link to the page/chapter that shows those elements the best!


two phoenixes flying with a link to chapter 41 of WHI where the Chinese idiom was mentioned

three trusted servants (Bi’shui, Yin’cui, and Nurse Feng) with a link to The Spy where MSY was trying to find out who she could trust in Bi’xiao Palace~

These elements are crucial to the surprise and the event can’t happen without them D:
We need seven, eight, nine, ten, AND eleven of something WHI, LC or Nyanovels-related!


✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ~Prizes~ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

– An extra chapter of your fave WN (WHI or LC) dedicated to you~
– Shoutouts in each chapter thanking you for your help~

The deadline to qualify for the prize is Sunday, November 22nd, 2020!
Remember you need your suggestion AND the link to qualify for the prize~
The Nyanovels team will choose the best submissions for a total of five prizes!

Happy hunting!


P.S. Finding something from the NU pages for Why Harem Intrigue or Held in the Lonely Castle or Clam’s WHI chapters is okay too! After all, Nyamachi couldn’t have started on her translator journey without both!


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