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Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 29)

Chapter 29: The Note (纸条)

Translator: Nyamachi
English proofreaders: JimmyfromIT and 247reader

After some consideration, I have moved this chapter. Please read it here. Some of the descriptions left little to the imagination…

September Edit: JimmyfromIT was kind enough to go back through my translations and edit all the ones he hadn’t done yet. Happy reading!

Author’s Note

The Author has something to say: Since the internet is shoddy, to reply to some messages, the little chrysanthemum [loading circle?] has to turn for 30 minutes. I’ll just explain it here.

Many dear [readers] have strong opinions regarding the male lead. I can only say that my original intention for writing this work was to change these scumbags [by] teaching the dog Emperor [a lesson]. He possesses all the common faults of an Emperor: Conceit, selfishness, acting arbitrarily, and being inconsistent in love. Because he is such a scumbag, this work came into being. Earlier, he was a scumbag, and later he becomes such a loyal dog. That’s why please don’t ask me to change the male lead. If I change him, I won’t know what to write about.

As for many readers’ comments regarding problems with the Emperor’s IQ [reasoning and problem-solving abilities], here are my thoughts. From being a high and mighty Emperor to suddenly becoming a lowly pet, this kind of gap in mentality would undoubtedly be huge. In the palace, any lowly eunuch or maid could randomly trample him to death. If he didn’t have Sangyu’s protection, he wouldn’t live long. If he encountered other imperial concubines, they would play with him. If he didn’t suck up to them or curry favour with them, they would just stop giving him food. If they were in a bad mood, they might even take pins and stab him with them. As a dog, what can he do? Being betrayed by his own woman and esteemed teacher, being mercilessly beaten by his own children, being cuckolded, struggling at death’s door several times – if he could still come out of this smiling without feeling sorrow, anger, or not pacing back and forth as he loses his mind, he wouldn’t be an Emperor, but a Diety. Speaking honestly, in the end, an Emperor is still human. They were raised in comfort and enjoy a high position. If one removed their dragon robe, seized their power, and knocked them down to society’s lowest position, I’m afraid that their capacity to live would be worse than an average person. It’s not that the dog Emperor doesn’t have IQ, he just doesn’t have the opportunity to use it. Wait until he regains his power, then he won’t be as hopelessly stupid and good-for-nothing as he is right now. (Okay, I admit it. His EQ [emotional intelligence] is, in fact, a bit lower. Emperors in general usually don’t understand love.)

Seeing many comments punishing the dog emperor over the last few days, to be honest, it was very depressing. [I] suddenly felt exhausted. Thankfully many readers supported me so that I didn’t take a sword and castrate myself. This work will definitely improve. The later part will be very sweet and filled with love. If you want to see the dog Emperor struggle or see Sangyu obtain happiness, it will satisfy you all.

PS: There are two questions to explain. One is about why Noble Consort Li can give birth, but why Sangyu can’t. Noble Consort Li was promoted in order to control the Empress. Chancellor Li was also gradually given more power in the conflict with the Empress’ clan. He is a civil official and his life and death are in the Emperor’s grasp. The Emperor can give Noble Consort Li children so that the Li Family has a reason to care, spurring them on so that they have no choice but to fight. However, Sangyu is different. Sangyu’s father controls a mighty army. He can raise a call to arms and gather the masses together. The Emperor basically has no control over him. Being caught in the middle of domestic disturbances and the threat of a foreign invasion, he can’t get rid of him. Therefore, he cannot allow Sangyu to give birth, lest he raise the hopes of the Meng family to extravagant heights. Also, this matter relates to the issue of the dog Emperor’s life experience. Later chapters will mention it.

Also, regarding the issue of the dog Emperor having too many children, I definitely feel like it is very typical for this setting. What Emperor does not have broods of children? Unless I gave Sangyu a big golden finger [Author power?] and made it so that the dog Emperor is impotent or sterile before falling in love with Sangyu, he undoubtedly would have had children.

You wanted me to kill off a few. I wanted to denounce your ruthless, callous, deliberate troublemaking. As a result, I looked back at who survived. My goodness! I killed off one, demoralized another, and there were also two who were poisoned. Only the Eldest Prince and Third Princess are still okay (TL: See Character List to remember who these children’s parents are). Since everything was mentioned in passing, I actually forgot about these events. As expected, it seems that I am the most ruthless, unfeeling, troublemaking one. I’m wiping sweat. [>_>;; face]

TL Notes:

Eight Immortals Table: A square table with four benches surrounding it.
八仙桌 Eight Immortals Table

If you also watch ancient Chinese dramas, they’re the typical table you might see in a restaurant or common family home.


TL Thoughts & Some Updates:

Happy 2020 everyone! Also, Happy Lunar New Year for those who celebrate~ It’s the Year of the Rat. I hope your year is filled with happiness, success, and of course, novels to read!

Updates: Some of you were wondering whether I had dropped the novel because of the long delay between chapters. I have not! I realize that I will probably release chapters much slower than the average translator. I have a lot of IRL things going on, so I can’t commit to a regular schedule. Sorry for not communicating that properly! (>_<) My goal is to translate 1-2 chapters a month. Hopefully, as my Chinese improves, my speed will too! (That’s the plan anyways~)

If you’re ever wondering about translation progress, I added an [Updates] section to the sidebar of the website. I try to translate a few paragraphs each day. Hmm, maybe putting a percentage would be more accurate? ^^; Anyways, if you’re ever in doubt, please check there! I will try my best to update it frequently!

Also, if you ever have a question, feel free to reach out to me on NU or here via a comment or an email. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

Questions for you (and any translators out there!)

  1. Would you prefer that I release chapters in parts instead of the whole thing? They would be of varying lengths, depending on how long a section is.
  2. Do translators normally translate the Author’s notes? Is it good practice to do so?

I translated the Author’s comments because I felt that their explanations were insightful. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Last but not least, thank you for all the encouragement! They really brighten my day and motivate me to translate, even if it’s only a few paragraphs at a time. I will do my best to bring you quality translations!

Until next time,


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    • Oops, I just realized you are new translator who picked up this story lol😅. Well thank you so much for picking this up!!!

    • Oops, I just realized you are new translator who picked up this story lol😅. Well thank you for picking up the story

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      Thanks for your comment. Not sure if you realized but I’m a different translator from the one who started this series. Clam from Pavillion translated chp 1-26 and I continued on from chp 27 onwards. I appreciate your praise, regardless! I hope you continue to enjoy Why Harem Intrigue 🙂

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