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Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 52)

Chapter 52: Getting Along 2 (相处2)

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Meng Sangyu had lived in Great Zhou all her life, receiving an orthodox education befitting a noblewoman. Sewing a set of clothes or making a perfume sachet was naturally easy for her. She skillfully threaded the needle and the basic form of the sachet took shape. Once a person focuses on something, they are bound to neglect their surroundings. Moreover, she was lazy by nature. Unexpectedly, she unconsciously leaned over to one side and rested against the man’s thick and broad shoulders. He was so completely absorbed in dealing with the official matters on his desk that he didn’t notice and allowed her to lean against him. A warm and harmonious atmosphere spread throughout the hall.    

Remembering the man’s shoulder injury, her heart jumped and she immediately straightened her posture.

“Sangyu, what’s the matter? Are you uncomfortable [resting against Zhen]?” Emperor Zhou put down the memorial and looked at her. He extended an arm to move her head back. He liked it when Sangyu rested against him like this and they could feel each other’s warmth. They complimented each other so well that they must be fated to be together. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have transmigrated into A’Bao’s body and met Sangyu afterwards. He firmly believed that it was Heaven’s chosen destiny for him and no one could go against it. 

“Don’t, it will put pressure on your honoured self’s wound!” Meng Sangyu used both hands to prop herself up against his chest. His well-defined chest muscles and scorching body temperature could be felt through her palms. 

“The wound is on this side. So Sangyu also has muddle-headed moments, hm?” Lovingly pinching her pointy nose, Emperor Zhou’wu chuckled. The sound of his deep, sensual voice was more than enough to enchant all the women in Great Zhou. 

However, this didn’t include Meng Sangyu who knew the man’s character well. She lightly poked the man’s sturdy chest a few times and an alluring rosiness spread through her pale fingertips. She glanced over at him with slightly upraised phoenix eyes, seemingly annoyed but with a cryptic smile. It captivated one’s attention. 

“This concubine was also worried sick~” The modest view of her pearly white teeth and the slight inflection at the end of her words mesmerized him, tickling his heart to no end. 

Emperor Zhou’wu’s heart beat fiercely and his pitch-black eyes surged violently with emotion. Was Sangyu trying to seduce Zhen? While he was thinking, his body had already moved faster than his brain. In one swift motion, he lifted the woman onto his lap and seized her tender lips, focusing all his energy on indulging in her sweet nectar.

The woman moaned and softly leaned into his embrace. Her jade white arms moved to wrap themselves around his neck, her little mouth opened wider, and her tongue entwined with his, further deepening this passionate kiss. A man who has been abstinent for five months is easy to work up. His self-control couldn’t withstand a single blow. Recalling Emperor Zhou’wu’s cold indifference in the past and contrasting it with the hardness beneath her, Meng Sangyu’s still open eyes were full of irony. This warm treatment was all for the sake of her unsullied body, nothing more.  

Chang’xi had already gotten used to seeing the sometimes impassioned Emperor. After sleeping for five months, his desire was naturally stronger. He waved his horsetail whisk and dismissed all the servants from the chamber.

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Ending the kiss, Meng Sangyu copied the man’s movements and gently licked his lips. She noticed that the man’s eyes were filled with pampering love, almost to the point that one could drown in it. She coyly asked, “Your Majesty, has there been any news from the front? Have they found Father?” Hostilities had already broken out at the border and the army couldn’t spare the manpower to dispatch people to look for her father. She could only pin her hopes on this man. 

Emperor Zhou’wu’s arm that encircled slender waist stiffened and a moment later he buried his head in her warm neck to hide the bitter expression on his face. So it was all for Imperial Duke Meng’s sake? Without motives or requests, he had absolutely no hope of Sangyu showing him even a modicum more affection from the start. This was one pragmatic woman! But who caused her to be so unsentimental? If it wasn’t for him using her and his schemes, the real Meng Sangyu would be so candid and loveable! However, he would never get to see that [side of her] unfold before his eyes because she had already lost all hope for him!  

Tightly gritting his teeth and suppressing his intensely beating heart, it was a while before Emperor Zhou’wu lifted his head as though nothing was amiss and straightened the hair by the woman’s temples. He said gently, “We found their warhorses a few days ago. They hadn’t been dead long. They couldn’t have gotten far after abandoning their horses so there will be news soon. Now that the marsh has frozen over, the likelihood of them encountering danger is very small.” 

Even without the marsh, there was still the bitter cold. He didn’t dare to say too much, not wanting to add to Sangyu’s burdens.

“But the temperature has been falling rapidly for the past few days. They can’t light a fire in the marsh or else they’ll attract attention. If they are not found soon, they probably won’t be able to make it through the next few days.” Meng Sangyu looked deathly pale. Given the time that had elapsed, she had no way to continue to convince herself that no news was good news. She needed to prepare for the worst case scenario, sustain the entire Meng family, find a way out for her brother, reassure and calm her mother…… She still had many, many things to do! She couldn’t bear the enormous burden, but she could not let herself fall at this moment. 

“Sanyu has no need to worry. Zhen is still here! Zhen will definitely dispatch more people to find Imperial Duke Meng.” Emperor Zhou’wu tenderly cupped her ice-cold cheeks with both hands and carefully kissed her. In the end, he hugged her against his burning hot chest and his large hand comfortingly patted her stiff back. 

“If, and Zhen is saying if. If something happens to Imperial Duke Meng, the Meng family still has your older brother. He isn’t a fool. Although he is not a natural-born leader, he is still a seldom seen talent who was born to be a general. Zhen will enlist him in the Embroidered Uniform Guard to train for a few years. He is enough to uphold the Meng family’s status. Once this is over, everything will get better. With Zhen here, you have nothing to worry about.” 

The man’s deep and vigorous voice contained some kind of power that made others feel at ease. His chest was broad and warm and one couldn’t help but want to rely on him. Meng Snagyu gently nuzzled her cheek against the silky material covering the man’s chest and for an instant, she surprisingly felt affectionate and relieved. Still, she quickly came to her senses. This was the palace and the man before her was an Emperor who was surrounded by beautiful women. If she placed all of her budding hopes on this man, the only outcome would be heartbreak.

Her clouded phoenix eyes recovered some of their original chill. She lifted her head and smiled poignantly, “Thank you, Your Majesty. This concubine can only rely on Your Majesty.” She didn’t need this man’s true love, but she needed his favour!

“Is there a need for such formalities between us?” Emperor Zhou’wu heaved a sigh and traced her features with his slender forefinger. He paused at the raised corner of her mouth and his heart faintly throbbed with pain. He was absolutely clear that this poignant smile was only Meng Sangyu’s mask to try to gain favour. Her genuine smile was a thousand times–ten thousand times more beautiful and never failed to melt the iciness in his heart.

When will you be able to treat Zhen like you treated A’Bao? He pulled the woman’s small head closer to his chest and rained kisses on the top of her head, not letting her see the dismay and hurt on his face.

“Your Majesty, it’s time to drink medicine.” Reckoning that the pair ought to have finished showing their affection, Chang’xi called out a reminder from outside the hall.  

Emperor Zhou’wu did not move but the hand wrapped around the woman’s waist somewhat tightened instead. Meng Sangyu secretly rolled her eyes. She pushed against his chest and softly said, “This concubine will feed Your Majesty the medicine.”  

The man smiled and let go of her waist. He said, “No need.” in a low voice and soon beckoned Chang’xi inside. He took the proffered bowl and emptied it in one gulp. 

“Your Majesty, Her Imperial Highness, the Empress Dowager has instructed your honoured self to take a rest from handling governmental affairs for two hours after finishing the medicine.” Chang’xi diligently reminded him.  

“This concubine will help Your Majesty change clothes then.” Meng Sangyu let out an imperceptible sigh. She could finally return to her palace and relax. The crazy Emperor was very difficult to deal with and took liberties with her at every turn. Comparing the two, she would rather that this person treat her in a perfunctory manner like before.  

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“Zhen knows.” Emperor Zhou’wu dismissed Chang’xi, stood up and led Meng Sangyu towards the bedchamber. Pushing aside the curtain and dismissing a few maids, he spread his arms and calmly looked at the woman before him.

Meng Sangyu remained composed under his burning gaze. One by one, she undid the buttons along his chest, nimbly removed his belt, and took off his outer robe. 

“Don’t go back, accompany Zhen to sleep for a while.” The man tightly embraced the woman. His scalding breath brushed against the woman’s jade white earlobe. A strong feeling of longing clearly showed in his words and actions. 

“Your Majesty, this concubine’s body isn’t clean. This concubine is afraid that sleeping in the same bed as Your Majesty will bring Your Majesty misfortune. This concubine couldn’t bear the responsibility if Her Imperial Highness, the Empress Dowager investigates. Furthermore, how could this concubine stay overnight in a place like Qian’qing Palace? This concubine doesn’t dare to overstep her bounds.” Meng Sangyu’s voice was coquettish and she seductively glanced over at the man as she turned down his request, but she didn’t leave the other party unhappy. Being a favoured concubine was also a job that required skill, but fortunately, she was a skilled veteran! 

Emperor Zhou’wu’s pupils darkened. He gave the woman a passionate kiss on her cheek, erasing the false smile off her face. He said in a low voice, “Just a little bit, wait until Zhen is asleep before you leave.” He spoke while undoing the woman’s lapel and stripping off her outer robe with nimble movements. 

When Meng Sangyu came back to her senses, she had already been scooped up by the man and thrown onto the soft bed. The man had already removed her embroidered shoes and played with them in his hands.

“Zhen remembers that in the past Zhen had craftsmen from Siam make you a pair of embroidered shoes. How come Zhen doesn’t see you wearing them? In the future, if you have a style that you like, Zhen will have people make them for you, okay?” Placing the embroidered shoes on the footstep beside the bed, he switched over to play with the woman’s slender pale foot. Lightly removing her socks, he kissed the delicate arch of her foot. When he was still A’Bao, Sangyu often teased him like this. [1]I get the mental image of a puppy on its back and you’re playing with its paws and kissing them.

“Haha, Your Majesty, stop!” The man’s prickly stubble rubbed against the arch of her foot and it was very ticklish. Meng Sangyu’s leg started trembling and she wanted to roll onto her side. This man’s personality shifted so often! She was almost at her limit!

“Hee~” Seeing the woman’s blushing face and smiling expression with tears at the corners of her eyes, he saw that it was completely different from the genuine expression she had earlier. It was almost as if they had returned to the intimate days in the past. 

Emperor Zhou’wu also gave a low chuckle, hugged her in his arms and they rolled onto the mattress together. His lips gently brushed against hers. This kiss was very drawn out and devoted, using up all his patience. When he released her again, he caught a glimpse of her slightly hazy eyes and smiled joyfully once more.

Even though he couldn’t be too forward when dealing with Sangyu, he couldn’t be too reserved either.

“Your Majesty, go to sleep. This concubine will wait for you to wake up before leaving.” She really didn’t know how to deal with the crazy Emperor. Meng Sangyu urged him while poking his muscular chest a few times. 

“Alright.” Emperor Zhou’wu kissed her forehead. He turned his body and hugged her tightly against his chest while pulling the corner of the blanket over them both. Enveloped by her familiar warmth and fragrance, his breathing quickly evened out. 

“Meng Sangyu lay completely still against his chest and silently counted to a hundred several times. She waited until she saw the man’s expression relax and his breathing deepen. Only once he was obviously sound asleep did she quietly move his arm aside, don her outer robes and tiptoe out of the room. 

Behind her, the man suddenly opened his eyes. His pitch-black pupils glinted like cold stars, without the slightest bit of drowsiness. Seeing the woman leave without even turning her head, he slowly closed his eyes again, but his expression was not as tranquil as before. His thick eyebrows were pulled together tightly even as he dreamt. 

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