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Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 51)

Chapter 51: Getting Along 1 (相处1)

Translator: Nyamachi
English proofreader: JimmyfromIT

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TL Thoughts:


Since her body remained unsullied, she could infer that she would monopolize Imperial favour in the coming days. She didn’t feel any humiliation and instead slightly rejoiced. If something happened to her father, the favour bestowed to her would let her mother and elder brother live better and prevent the Meng family from falling into decline. It was an equal exchange, that was all.

My heart broke while translating this part. I know this was mentioned previously but reading this hits harder somehow?! She’s so blasé about exchanging s**ual favours for security ;A; I can’t–   

The part with the bonsai was cute though~ They were both reminiscing about the same memory without realizing it. Ah, those chapters were so sweet…

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  • Thanks for the chapter! 💕

  • Thank you so much for the consistent update ! It is truly sad having to use her body to survive, it is like being a prostitue, except you can only serve one person. And you aren’t paid with money but with material comfort and fancy title for you and your family.

  • G
    Thank you for the chapter!

    • Thanks for the chapter.
      If he will just talk to her and apologise for his past mistakes….. but then we wouldn’t have a story.

      Is it me, or this Emperor seems to be fickle when it comes to love?

  • Thank you for the chapter! 💕💕💕

  • He’s “trying to change” and I end up seeing it’s all about him again. He told about him being a dog to the guards but his “beloved” who he wants to be closer to, he won’t be honest with her. Such a dumbass. I’m honestly so so so pissed off at him, that my initial care for him (I mean, he was a cute dog) has now converted into pulling-my-hair-out-at-an-idiot.

    Thanks for the update bruh <3

  • Thanks for the chapter!]

  • Oh ChangXi (& your Majesty) it should be a long way to making the appearance of a harmonious married couple a reality 🤨 SW is so used to being set up and schemed by him (and she actually detests him) to cover for his former favorite that she sees potential traps everywhere. And exchanging s€x & family alliance for personal/familial benefits was what arranged wife/consort/concubine all had to deal with 😟

    Thanks for the chapter 🎉

  • Its not ever going to work out for ZW if he keeps out MSY from the equation. She’s never ever going to just fall head over heels for him the way she did for the puppy she named Abao. The little pooch did not poisoned her on a regular basis to keep her infertile, nor tried to do her family in because of his paranoia of her father’s power and being suspicious of the power their clan had, nor used her as a shield to safeguard his most treasured woman and left her to fend for herself and be the canon fodder in the harem, besides being detested by him. So any overtures on ZW’s part towards her is equated by her as just him needing sexual gratification from the currently only untainted woman of his harem. She had always been aware that ZW is never someone easy to get along with and is a difficult task master.

  • Thanks for the chapter! I really appreciate it! I love your translation! Could I maybe ask something, the text is so small that I have to squint my eyes to read. Is there a possibility to make it bigger or change it somehow? I hope I am not being rude it’s just difficult to read, that just for me, that’s why I am asking. Thanks in advance and again thx for translating this! I really really appreciate it take care
    Regards, nyght_elf

    • Thanks for your praise, Nyght elf! <3 So glad you're enjoying the novel!
      No, not being rude at all! There's a font resizer on the top of the sidebar. If you're using your phone, you might need to scroll down to see it. Please let me know how you find the sizes. I have it set to 12pt, 14pt, and 16pt. 🙂

  • Actually you do get paid, but its like being treated as a prostitute and having a jack-the-ripper next to you too. You won’t know when you will die.

  • True, I guess they all get a certain allowance. Ah, that reminds me of the idiom about the Emperor being like a tiger and never knowing when you’ll be eaten.

  • Rereading before I read your newly posted next chapter—- Zhou’wu would go wuwuwu if he knew his precious SW thinks he’s a scumbag 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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