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Nyanovels’ Translation Goals – November 2020

Hello dear readers <3

It’s already November! It snowed here today~! Please buddle up and keep warm as it gets colder :3

Once again, a big welcome to Silverylazes and [redacted] to the team <3 

Nyamachi’s wrists are still not fully healed but dictation software/headset should arrive soon! (* o *)

Silverylazes is working hard on preparing for our surprise reader event!! If you haven’t already, please take a look~ We need your help to make it happen!! There are extra chapters to be won :3

[redacted] has been helping me with a number of things from scribing (because of my wrists) to editing. We will do our best~!

JimmyfromIT is slowly working through editing previous chapters and, of course, making lovely cat images ~

November Translation Goals: 

  • WHI c44 – Sat Nov 14
  • LC c1 pt5 – Sat Nov 28

Thank you very much for your patience and support <3


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