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Nyanovels’ Translation Goals – December 2020

Hello dear readers,

It’s finally December \(^o^)/ !! JimmyfromIT made a lovely new logo for the holidays~ Please take a look at the home page ^ ^

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our reader event! <3 The extra chapters will arrive in the new year~

December Translation Goals: 

  • WHI – ??? ~ Enjoy the surprise~ :3
  • HLC – Jan 2021!

I also wanted to give a very big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated to Nyanovels this year. Thanks to your donations, I was able to help a friend whose house had been submerged because of a very severe storm. I wouldn’t have had extra funds available to pitch in otherwise. The donated amount was able to help buy about a month’s worth of food and other necessities for my friend and his family during the disaster. They are doing well! Your generosity and kindness mean a lot, both to me as a translator and to my friend and his family. We’re very grateful!! *bows*

I wish you all luck in school, work, keeping up with the grind! We’re almost at the end of the year!


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  • Me when I realised there won’t be any update thos month: TT^TT

    • Noes~ don’t cry~~ *pat pat*

  • We miss this cat 😿

    • This cat misses you too~ I’m buried under school papers atm T – T Another weekish until finals are done!

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