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Nyanovels’ Translation Goals – August 2021

Hello lovely readers,

Hope everyone is having a good summer! Time has flown by!

Apologies for the delay on c2 pt1 for Held in the Lonely Castle 🙁 I mentioned this in a comment but I moved residences at the end of July and only just finished setting up my computer + the rest of the tech today. Uploading the chapter will be the first thing on my to-do list tomorrow.

Lots of group updates for you~

  • Nyanovels has a new banner, courtesy of JimmyfromIT! It suits us cats, deshou? Do you like it?
  • I’ve updated the Ancient Setting Glossary and Chinese Idiom list for those who are interested~
  • Saltnpepper’s bio has finally been added to the team’s about page! Please check out their stylish avi! Unfortunately, they will be on hiatus for the next while.
  • The magical Tygris has joined the Nyanovels team as a translation assistant~ Please give her a big welcome! Her avi and bio will be added soon!
  • If you’d still like to help out with translations, especially for Held in the Lonely Castle, please consider joining as a translation assistant! Check out the description of the role and use the contact page to get in touch! Part of the reasons for slow releases is, in part, due to my tendonitis as the only active translator at the moment 🙁 The more the merrier~
    • The only change to the recruitment post is that even though this role is voluntary for now, thanks to everyone’s support, we may have enough to split ad revenue & donations at the end of the year. [Pending group decision]
  • On that note, Nyanovels now has a ko-fi page! Some readers prefer to use it, so now you have the option! Thank you for supporting us <3
    • Shoutout to Mons for being the first one to buy us a Ko-fi <3 Two, in fact! We appreciate you!!

August Translation Goals: 

            • WHI – c62
            • HLC – c2 pt2 (50% translated)

Stay hydrated~

Nyamachi & The Nyanovels Translation Team

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