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Nyanovels’ Translation Goals – September 2023

Hello dear readers,

We hope you had a great month of August and enjoyed the sunshine! It’s beginning to become chillier over in our part of the world and it feels like fall is arriving. We wish everyone going back to school luck and success in the coming year!


°˖✧/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ฅ UPDATES ฅ/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\✧˖°

Thanks to JimmyfromIT, we have some new cat avis! Please check out Petrified‘s new avi along with bios for our newest members, CelestialDumpling and Kyeopchi <3




ฅ FInish translating WHI by the end of 2023

ฅ Post 1-2 chapters of HLC per month until the end of 2023

September 2023:

ฅ WHI 83, 84, 85

ฅ HLC chp 3 part 5 and chp 3 part 6

~❁ꕥ❁~ ฅ/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ฅ ~❁ꕥ❁~


Please let us know in the comments if there is anything we can do to help while waiting.
We’re incredibly grateful for your patience and care. Thank you again for sticking with us!

Until next time,

The Nyanovels Translation Team

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  • I cannot wait to read and enjoy more of your translations of WHI. 😀

    • Thanks Cherubia! Please look forward to them ^o^

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