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Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 76)

Chapter 76: Poisoned Wine (鸩酒)

Translators: Nyamachi & Tygris
Translation assistant: 247Reader
English proofreader: 247Reader

Warning: This chapter has depictions of cruelty!

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Emperor ZW showed us his cold-hearted emperor side again. At the same time, he was willing put Shen Hui’ru out of her misery in the end. Did you feel like she suffered enough? Our lovely FL also got a promotion, and newbies are coming to the Inner Palace~ What will happen~? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • It’s good that he shows his authority there. Ngl, those concubines’ actions gave me goosebumps. Emperor is cruel, but they are no less. I dont think Shen Hui’rui suffer much. Some women lost their children and were poisoned never to be pregnant again. Newbies might cause problems but as long as emperor is still a doggie hubby for our Sangyu, there would be not much of a problem 🤣

    • Yeah, we were surprised by where the author decided to take the scene too… Hmm makes you wonder if cruelty to some degree is needed to survive in the harem.

      Hehe yes, so long as our doggy Emperor remains loyal to Sangyu, it’s all good~

      Thanks as always for reading and taking the time to comment, Aiza! ❤️

  • Thank you so much for the update. I feel pity to shen hui’ru but she deserve it, it’s good that emperor ended her suffering, and I can feel that emperor’s feeling for sangyu will never waver. Sorry for my bad english 😊

    • You’re welcome, Himea~ Thanks for leaving a comment :3 Your English is great!

  • Thank you for the update! Shen Hui’ru may have suffer enough, but I feel like the emperor didn’t, but Iam pretty biased against emperors in general so meh… Also, I hope the new concubine won’t make things too difficult for our FL!

    • Fingers crossed! Yeah, I wonder if the Emperor will suffer more.. Not too worried about our FL since he’s super devoted to her.

  • “Your Majesty, your honoured self had still better go elsewhere. If your honoured self continues on like this, others will accuse this concubine of being a nation-destroying demonic consort.”

    “You were already a bewitching consort, yet you’re still afraid of others cursing you?”

    The sentence he said seem disconnected with what she mentioned. If you dont mind i would have translate it to

    “You were already a bewitching demonic consort, yet you’re still afraid of others cursing you?”

    • Ooh yes, that would have flowed better! I’ll change it. Always appreciate feedback about our translations. Thanks, Youdidnotseeme!

  • Thank you for the chapter!

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