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Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 66)

Chapter 66: Attending to the Emperor (侍寝)

Translator: Nyamachi
Translation assistants: 247Reader & Lazilily
English proofreaders: 247Reader & JimmyfromIT 

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TL Team Thoughts:


Nyamachi: Poor guy, this fake Chang’xi has it rough.

247reader: My exact thoughts, lol

JimmyfromIT: Yup…

Lazilily:  I hope our puppy boss continues to please sweet Sangyu! *w*


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  • “桑榆,朕好想你……”

    This sentence means “sangyu, zhen really miss you” rather than “sangyu, zhen really wants you”

    • Ah, yeah. The TL team and I debated how to translate that line… It was in more of a steamy context so “I want you” seemed to fit better than “I miss you.” What do you think?

  • Well I guess she knew the bedroom activity would resume sooner or later and she still has to act like she’s in love with him but I didn’t expect her to drool😆 Doesn’t seem like she can keep her hatred going when he’s really doting on her, for now at least. She’s probably going to expect the prevention medicine like in the past…

    Thanks TN snd team🙏

    • Haha, the drooling was a surprise! I wonder how long it’ll be until her heart finally opens to him.

      Glad you enjoyed the chapter <3

  • Ohhhhhh never thought that this chapter is a spicy one. But seriously poor fake Changxi lollll

    • Yeah, the guy should get a bonus lol

  • I see… To me i felt it is reasonable to put miss you rather than want you as it connects the dot with the story because he has been not been able to able to ‘hug’ her for so many months. However its not wrong to say i want you too. If you insist on saying i qant you. Then so be it. I ak fine with it.

    • Ooh that’s true too! Thanks for the feedback, Youdidnotseeme! We’ll review it again as a team ^ ^

  • The way he’s treating the dog is really ticking me off! I think he’s kept A’bao’s IQ bc he’s not the brilliant Emperor he used to be. S*x does not equal love, and he really thinks the two of them are in love just bc the s*x is good🤯? It’s called l*st 😏I hope she doesn’t fall for him so fast bc she had 3 years of him hating her and her family, treating her so badly plus the body damaging birth control😤🤨I’ll be really annoyed with the author if she does.

    Thanks for the chapter 🙏

    • lol his EQ is pretty low… I feel like he’s still dealing with government/political things fairly well but he’s definitely all heart eyes for Sangyu

  • Thanks for your hard work! Loved it! I can’t seem to find your footnotes though.

    • Hi CC,
      For this chapter, the footnotes are at the bottom of the page where they appear in the Google Doc. Usually, you can find them at the very bottom of the page. There will be a section called Translator Notes with a [+] to expand it. You can also jump back and forth between the text and footnotes.

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