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Updates and Nyanovels’ Translation Goals – December 2021

Hello dear readers,

How is it already December?! Time has flown by so quickly!! Did anyone get any good Black Friday deals?

We have some announcements!

  1. Several new members have joined us over the last few weeks. Our team is up to 9 people~ Please give Tygris, 247Reader, Petrified, and Lazilily a warm welcome! We’ve made quite a bit of progress translating in the last couple of weeks thanks to their help 😀 Check out their bios! (cat avis to follow nya~)
  2. It will be Nyamachi‘s second anniversary translating on December 15th!
  3. December rings in the holiday season~ This will be Nyanovels’ second Christmas~
  4. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Christmas reader event last year! We bit off a bit more than we could chew and didn’t finish uploading the chapters for the carol until April ^^;; Anyways, as thanks to Mariel Green, Youdidnotseeme, Aiza, and Sketchy333 for participating last year and for their help with the carol, this month, we will publish a minimum of 5 chapters of WHI for December! (Nyamachi did promise 5 extra chapters last year > o < Please consider this month’s goals as fulfilling the promise.)
  5. To all our HLC Readers: Thanks to Petrified joining our team, translation speed is much faster now, largely due to his help!! Our goal for this month is to publish a minimum of 3 chapters of HLC! Starting in the new year, we will aim to publish 2 chapters of Held in the Lonely Castle per month instead of monthly/bi-monthly releases!

December Translation Goals: 

  • WHI – 5 chapters minimum~
  • HLC – 3 chapters minimum~

Last but not least, here is a big shoutout to all the readers who have commented or donated in the last year! We are extremely grateful for your encouragement and support <3 It means a lot to us!

Much thanks to:

Our commenters (by #): Aiza J, Hetbasile CF, crusoe284, Kimmy, Y.E., youdidnotseeme, chinesefanreader, Mahina, Solitaire, Tangerine, thesilentdarkangel, Becca, Crystalss77, Ela, isai05, lazilily, Nicolellovera, Nona Suwanda, BeliM, bookwyrmfangirl, charlotteiq, daylightstanding, EllieKit, Euna, Gigi C., Haweii, It had me in the first half ngl, jamjam, jamjamx, Keomanylor16, Ladydoc_86, Leier, Liew, mais, Majer, Marmar, maryann, Nyght elf, PaigeTurner, PandaLi, Person A, PineappleTot, Random, RandomDude, Ruth02, Shahou & Vashe  

Our donors: Loretta, Becca, Mons, Cynthia, Lugm & SuongDoan


Happy reading!

The Nyanovels Translation Team

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