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Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 63)

Chapter 63: Attack and Defend (攻防)

Translators: Nyamachi & Tygris
TL assistant: Tygris
English proofreaders: 247Reader & JimmyfromIT 

Everyone, thank you for your patience! Here is Chapter 63 of WHI!
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  • Thank you thank you thank you for coming back 🎊🥳🎉♥️ Hope your wrist injuries have healed and sorry for flaking on my offer to help. I got excited for a moment to stick my head out of my shell, then computer problems and rl made me hide in my cave again. I’m still a devoted fan 😍

    Looks like Sangyu still distrusts the Emperor, given his years of poor treatment of her and her family, thinks he just wants her bod since the others have been defiled by the fake. He says he’ll patiently win her over but he’s being greedy and impatient … she may give over her body bc she has to but her heart and mind are locked tight

    Thanks TN and team for this chapter 🙏

    • Hey Chinesefanreader!! No worries! Sorry for the wait there. irl has been keeping us all pretty busy. Thanks for the well-wishes too! Glad you enjoyed the chapter :3

  • Loll he tricked her so she can go back earlier. But he needs to work harder haha. 9 degree of kin only involve relatives right? So 10 is even further

  • Thank you for the chapter!
    I am irked on how sloppily and discriminating the author reasoned and formulated why the execution of the war prisoners was necessary.

    I understand that the fear of and caution against a rebellion is a legit reason, but here it sounds like the “barbarians” are lesser humans. Yes, it might be the mindset of the people in that time period but Sangyou is a modern person, who should have learned about human rights. She just went “oh well, my father killed a lot of war prisoners but since I am his daughter I will protect him. I am so filial” which sounds like a phrase a villainess might use.
    The author could also portrayed it better, just write that it’s a warning to the remaining prisoners of war. She didn’t need to include that the barbarians could not be trusted since they broke their promises, are inherently cruel and violent. This just portrays them as very bad people and justifies treating them as lesser humans

    Sorry for the rant, but this takes the joy of the fluffy chapter…

    • No worries for the rant! I agree, it was an abrupt switch in tone/vibe there… I honestly forget sometimes that Sangyu is a reincarnated person. Her modern pov seems to only show up when it comes to relationships.

  • Welcome back ! Thank you for Tler and sponsors for this early christmas gift 😋

    • You’re welcome Hetbasile~ Thanks for your patience <3

  • Thank you so much for the update!

    • No problem, Shahou! Hope you enjoyed it!

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