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Updates and Nyanovels’ Translation Goals – February 2021

Hi lovely readers,

Nyamachi here~ I hope your January went well! Did you get a good start on any new years resolutions? Time seems to be flying so fast (especially when you’re home all day)!

(^- _ – ^)s||||| (^ o m o^)s;;;
(^ – w -^)s~ |||||||||x o^)s

……So our reader event did not exactly go as planned ^^; The intent was definitely there but many unexpected things happened in real life that put translating on hold. These cats apologize!
(^> o <^)s

On the ***bright side*** We were able to finish 8/12 holiday chapters – 75% complete~ yay!!

Thanks to this event, my translation speed has increased a little! When I do translate, I notice that I can read more characters on my own compared to when I just started and that really helps to speed things up.

The Nyanovels carol lyrics are complete if you’d like to take a look. We’ll continue to work on the remaining chapters and links will be added as we release them!

February Translation Goals: 

  • WHI – c53-56 the remaining chapters from our reader event – most chapters 50%+ translated!
  • HLC – chp1 pt6*** 60% translated
  • HLC – I’ll see if I can release part 7 too!

Other updates/Reasons behind delays:

  • Generally busier schedules 🙁 & less syncability with time differences
    • Nyamachi and JimmyfromIT are doing placements and school (and part-time work for Nya)
    • Silverylazes is back from her hiatus (irl stuff called)
    • [Redacted] started a new semester as well with more courses!
  • Nyamachi‘s tendonitis is still not better (Grad school online in a professional program does not allow for complete rest), but she and JimmyfromIT have found a different, possibly more efficient, way to translate using dictation software and teamwork! Hopefully, we can translate a bit faster this way!

The winter months can be dreary, especially if you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of sun. Please remember to take care of yourself, mentally and physically, during this time.

This cat will do her best to give you some sweet WN doses of self-care~

Grateful for your patience, as always~


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