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Happy New Year’s from Nyanovels!

Hello dear readers~

Happy New Year!!! It’s finally 2021!! ^ o ^ Wishing everyone a better, brighter year ahead! May all your endeavours be successful, may you be happy, and may you be surrounded by love, both from others and yourself <3

This past year Nyanovels has changed domains and has grown from being a solo passion project to a smol TL team! We’re now more than halfway through WHI too! HLC updates have been slow but more will come in the new year~ Thank you so much for your patience between chapters <3

We’re so grateful to everyone who has left a like or comment! They truly brighten our day ^ ^
Shoutout to all of our donors this past year: Toluwase, Becca, Cristine, Loretta, Little Potato, Austyn, Akihime, & 8oclocksleeper! We appreciate all of you!!

Thank you for reading and sharing your love for the novels we translate! Please take care of us this year too <3 *Cats bow in thanks*

With love and best wishes,
Nyamachi, JimmyfromIT, Silverylazes, & [redacted]

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