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Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead? (Chp 46)

Chapter 46: Nursing the Sick 2 (侍疾2)

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The two people pressed closely together. Emperor Zhou’wu turned to the side and deliberately leaned in a bit to close the distance between them. The mist from their breaths entwined together in the air, indistinguishable from each other. Where their thighs touched, a slight warmth could be felt. A thick atmosphere of ambiguity extended between the two.

Meng Sangyu was intimidated by the man’s excessive and quietly intense fixation. She reflexively leaned against the back of the chair, wanting to withdraw from this kind of intimacy where their breaths intertwined. 

“Zhen wants to drink mushroom and shredded chicken congee with a few slices of dried bamboo shoots.” Emperor Zhou’wu placed a large hand on her knee and pinched her leg’s tender flesh. His manner was at ease and very affectionate as if the two of them had done this thousands of times.

“Ah?” Meng Sangyu was dazed at first. She soon responded by scooping up a spoonful of congee with a slice of bamboo shoot and brought it to the man’s mouth. Seeing the man slightly narrow his eyes with an expression of utmost delight, she very carefully searched the man’s handsome face, attempting to find some fault that could prove his identity.

Sometimes he was hard to fathom, but other times he was very affectionate and easygoing. Before long, the man’s actions would make her muddle-headed.

“Zhen is full, leave the rest.” Emperor Zhou’wu waved a hand, the corners of his mouth curved in a satisfied smile. Having lost his appetite and been unable to sleep peacefully the last few days, seeing Sangyu healed him like no medicine could.  

Meng Sangyu laid down the bowl and chopsticks and prepared to serve him water to rinse his mouth.

“No need, Zhen can do it. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet. Hurry and eat.” Emperor Zhou’wu pressed a hand on her luminous wrists and his manner of speaking was inexplicably gentle. It made Meng Sangyu’s scalp tingle. Was he for real? Was this an act? Her heart was leaning towards the latter.  

“Your favourite red date and barley congee.” The man pushed the bowl of congee in front of her and then picked up a pair of silver chopsticks. He selected food from the dishes around the table and piled them on the woman’s plate. “Your favourite fragrant shrimp soup dumplings, silver thread rolls, and jade egg custard. Eat up.”

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That’s right, they were all her favourite dishes, but how did he know that? This man was either the Fake Emperor or was possessed by a demon! Under the man’s eager and attentive gaze, Meng Sangyu lifted her chopsticks and began to eat as she pondered this, feeling at a loss.

While she was eating, the man suddenly leaned in close. She spat out a scorching breath that almost burned her cheek. Within his pitch-black eyes, there swelled a fearsome emotion, making her whole body stiffen. In the three years since she had entered the palace, she had never felt like she was now. It was as if she was sitting on pins and needles, completely at a loss as to what to do.

“Your Majesty, what is it?” she forced the corners of her mouth into a stiff smile. 

“You have some crumbs by the corner of your mouth.” Emperor Zhou’wu smiled deeply, stretching out a hand to wipe it off. His coarse fingertips used a bit of pressure as if they were unwilling to part from her face. He originally wanted to directly lick it off her face, but after sensing the guarded and detached expression in her eyes, he became conscious of the fact that he wasn’t A’Bao anymore. The ability to enthusiastically get close to and accept someone without reservation was something that no longer belonged to him.

“Ah, this concubine apologizes for her lack of manners. Thank you for the reminder, Your Majesty.” Meng Sangyu brushed the corners of her mouth, removing the man’s scent from it. Her cheeks flushed a bit at just the right moment, but her slightly lowered eyes contained an icy chill.

Noticing her actions, Emperor Zhou’wu’s eyes darkened in a flash. He lightly rubbed his fingertips together, showing her the lipstick of bright red lipstick stained on it. “Beloved Consort, in the future don’t wear such a thick layer of lipstick. Although it’s very beautiful, it’s not healthy to have it absorbed into the body.” He had heard her grumble about this more than once.

Saying this, he took a pure white handkerchief without prompt and gently wiped the bright red alluring lipstick from her lips. Finally seizing her lower jaw and raising her face with his palm, he stared at her for quite a while. His deep unfathomable gaze gave Meng Sangyu a wave of goosebumps.

“It’s fine like this. Beloved Consort is a natural beauty. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you’re still very beautiful.” After quite a while, the man stopped speaking. He bowed his head and grasped the woman’s soft and delicate lips in his and allowed himself to gently suck and lick her lips with the tip of his tongue. His pitch-black eyes could be described as being enshrouded with a mist, hiding the depths of his obsession with her. 

Frozen with terror, Meng Sangyu seemed to hear a gentle and loving sigh echoing between their lips, but when she listened carefully, the sound had already passed like an illusion. 

“Your Majesty…….” The hairs on her body stood on end. The man’s actions were light and gentle. Nevertheless, his scalding breath told her that the other party became aroused.

“It’s still daytime, this concubine’s body……” Taking advantage of the pause the man took to breathe, Meng Sangyu turned her head to the side slightly, increasing the distance between the two of them. It was unclear whether her flushed face was flustered or angry. 

“Sorry, Zhen missed you too much!” Emperor Zhou’wu’s voice was husky. He rubbed the woman’s moist lips with his fingertips. 

Missed me too much? What does that mean? Meng Sangyu bowed her head, her feelings were a mess. The man in front of her was too strange. Was he really possessed by a demon? 

“What are you thinking about? Quickly eat, or the food will get cold.” He brushed a few of the woman’s stray strands of hair behind her ear and picked up a piece of cake and fed it to her. His attitude was affectionate like he’d done this familiar gesture thousands of times before. 

Forcefully suppressing her restless state of mind, Meng Sangyu concentrated on eating. Emperor Zhou’wu propped his head with one hand and quietly looked at her. The corners of his mouth were raised in a satisfied smile. At this moment, he felt the elation he’d felt when he became human again.

Finishing up breakfast, the Imperial Physician arrived at Qian’qing Palace on schedule to help the Emperor change his bandages. 

“Treat Virtuous Consort first.” Emperor Zhou’wu waved his hand and pulled Meng Sangyu to sit beside him. 

“No need, Your Majesty’s injury is more serious. This concubine’s body will heal after drinking a few days of medicine and resting.” Meng Sangyu hastily declined. She gazed at Imperial Physician Du’s face before changing her mind. 

Imperial Physician Du was in the Empress Dowager’s employ. His medical skills were top-notch. If the Emperor was fake, he wouldn’t be able to deceive this man, unless this person was actually the real one? Since entering the palace for three years, this was her first time feeling that her brain power was insufficient.

“Take her pulse!” Emperor Zhou’wu drew back her sleeve right away and rubbed her pure white wrist with his palm. He took out his own bright yellow handkerchief to cover her wrist and ordered Imperial Physician Du.

“As Your Majesty commands.” Seeing the Emperor’s hands-on involvement, Imperial Physician Du didn’t dare waste any time. Sitting across from Meng Sangyu, he took her wrist and carefully felt her pulse.

“Well?” Seeing that Imperial Physician Du had let go, Emperor Zhou’wu inquired seriously with hints of impatience in his tone.

“Replying to Your Majesty, Her Ladyship’s condition has been lingering for many years. Although it has improved somewhat recently, she still needs to take medicine and build up her health for some time.” Imperial Physician Du hid many of the details and did not elaborate further. 

Meng Sanyu bowed her head and smiled sarcastically. It looks like I’ll have to drink medicine again. If it’s like this, this man ought to be the real Emperor. When she raised her head again, her distinct eyes were covered with a layer of ice.

“Prescribe medicine!” Emperor Zhou’wu waved a hand and used his fingertips to lightly massage the woman’s eyelids, covering her frosty pupils. His heart was filled with an indescribable bitterness. What could he say? Was he supposed to personally rip off his previously seemingly gentle, but actually ruthless mask and shatter any superficial kindness that Sangyu has shown him? No, he couldn’t say anything. If he couldn’t win Sangyu’s heart, being able to receive her false displays of affection was also good. In time, she’ll come to understand that he was genuinely trying his best to make up for his past mistakes.

Imperial Physician Du agreed and wrote down two restorative prescriptions. Emperor Zhou’wu took them and earnestly read them over. He immediately passed them to the attendants at his side, ordering them to brew medicine daily and send them to Virtuous Consort on time.

Meng Sangyu lowered her eyes and smiled again, attracting the man to keenly peer at her.

“Your Majesty, allow this subject to change your honoured self’s bandages.” Imperial Physician Du spoke at just the right moment, breaking the turbulent undercurrent raging between the two.  

“No need. Leave the medicine. Virtuous Consort will help Zhen change Our bandages.” Emperor Zhou’wu stretched out a hand. He grabbed Meng Sangyu’s small, delicate hand and intimately caressed it.  

“Your Majesty, this concubine is not knowledgeable in the medicinal arts and fears that she might hurt Your Majesty!” Meng Sangyu quickly declined, feeling her already aching brain aching even more. This man had taken liberties with her multiple times, just what did he intend to do? His white lotus [1]For those (like me) who needed a refresher, 白莲花 (báiliánhuā) A white lotus describes a woman who is innocent and kind. Used sarcastically, it can refer to people who seem pure on the outside but are actually rotten on the inside. true love had already blackened and conspired against the throne. Surely he no longer needed a pretext?

“There’s no harm. It’s merely applying medicine and very easy to do. Beloved Consort is bright and clever. You’ll do fine.” Emperor Zhou’wu smiled and carefreely dismissed Imperial Physician Du. After, he stretched out both of his arms and stared at her.

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Is this really the real Emperor? His penetrating gaze contained an impressive might that could strike fear in others. Meng Sangyu sucked in a deep breath and smiled lovingly, “If this concubine causes Your Majesty pain, please be lenient.”

“[Zhen] already said that it was fine.” Emperor Zhou’wu’s voice was low and hoarse. His Adam’s apple slid up and down. Although he was aware that her loving smile was feigned, it was still able to callously pull on his heartstrings and entrance his soul.  

Meng Sangyu didn’t waste any words. She stood up and undid his lapel, [2]衣襟 (yījīn) It’s the one or two pieces of fabric making up the front part of a Chinese jacket. exposing his injured shoulder and naked upper body to the cold air. The man’s stature was very imposing. Although he had been in a coma for five months, since he was properly cared for, other than the fact that his skin appeared somewhat pallid, his muscular physique had not deteriorated. Since his weight had decreased a lot, the outline of his figure was smoother. This was the ideal male body which gave off a powerful aura. 

Meng Sangyu’s heart was not fazed at all. What’s more, she didn’t take a second glance. She immediately unwrapped the man’s bandages on his chest. Since the bandages wound around his back, she nevertheless had to lean into the man’s embrace so that she could undo his bandages without disturbing the wound.

A familiar nostalgic floral fragrance surged into his nostrils. Little by little, the scent finely and continuously threaded its way into his heart. Emperor Zhou’wu greedily and deeply inhaled. Finally, he couldn’t help but firmly hug the person into his embrace, hugging her with all the energy he could muster.  

“Ah!” Meng Sangyu called out in a low voice. She heavily collided into the man’s hard chest and the palm of her hand happened to press against the man’s wounded shoulder. Dark red blood slowly soaked through the bandage.

“Your Majesty, your honoured self is bleeding!” She wanted to struggle free from his hold, but she was helpless to do anything. She could only call out in warning. 

“It’s fine.” Emperor Zhou’wu buried his chin into her warm neck and rested there. He didn’t move for a long time, and his scorching hot breath caused her to uncontrollably shudder. Sensing the woman’s light trembling, Emperor Zhou’wu gave a low chuckle, the sound of sensual laughter sliced through his great elation. He didn’t expect that he would also be able to affect how she felt. It appeared that he couldn’t be as reserved in how he acted towards Sangyu.

“Your Majesty, losing too much blood is dangerous. If the Empress Dowager were to find out, this concubine wouldn’t be able to face the consequences of giving inadequate care.” Meng Sangyu felt like her waist was about to break. Her tone carried a hint of urgency.

“Mm.” Emperor Zhou’wu gave a low reply, failing to understand the meaning behind her words. Another while passed before he gradually let go of her and spread his arms. 

Meng Sangyu pursed her lips and evidently hastened to undo his bandages to prevent this person from doing any more erratic actions. After she unwound his bandages, she exerted too much force and actually tore a scab and a bit of flesh around the wound. The speed and volume of blood gushing out gave Meng Sangyu a fright. 

“Ugu~” Since it was too sudden, Emperor Zhou’wu, who had received countless wounds in the past, couldn’t help but let out a groan. 

“Your Majesty, my apologies!” Meng Sangyu hastily used a cloth to staunch the bleeding. Her expression was full of remorse and guilt as she looked at the man’s knitted brows.

“It’s okay.” The woman’s torso was tightly pressed against his chest, her sharply contrasting eyes were full of anxiety and remorse. Emperor Zhou’wu couldn’t help but give another low chuckle. He stroked her tender cheeks and said hoarsely, “Help Zhen blow on it. If you blow on it, it won’t hurt anymore.”

“Eh?” Meng Sangyu gasped, her whole face wore a dazed expression. She thought she must have heard wrong.

Once the words were out, Emperor Zhou’wu was also shocked. It was obvious that he was already accustomed to the way he interacted with Sangyu during his time as A’Bao. 

In the beginning when he was covered with bruises, Sangyu had helped to change his bandages while blowing on his body, her gentle comfort erasing the deep pain he felt all over his body. He missed that feeling of warmth and safety and had subconsciously blurted out those words.   

His eyes dimmed and he simply tried to make the best of his mistake. Removing all expression from his face, he solemnly said, “Zhen is hurting. Help Zhen blow on it!”

Jeez, don’t use such a serious expression to act spoiled, okay? Don’t you know it’s creepy? As expected, this man must be possessed by a demon! The little person in Meng Sangyu’s heart roared with rage, but her face only showed a smile. She lowered her head and blew softly on the man’s shoulder. 

The man narrowed his eyes and his large hands held her slender waist. His furrowed brows gradually smoothed out. It was unknown when the pain in his shoulder had disappeared, leaving only the feeling of his chest throbbing. 


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