Please read our May Updates and TL Goals post!

Thank you kind Readers!

Hello again lovely readers~

I’m always shocked and happy to see so many people enjoying my translations. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, reactions, and all your feedback. A special thank you goes to those who have donated to Nyanovels, especially during this pandemic. I understand that finances can be tight in these times and am doubly grateful for your support.

Like I mentioned in my September goals post, I struggle with consistency and follow-up due to many rl things. I will continue to try my best in maintaining a more consistent/organized release schedule and promise that each chapter will have the same quality that you’ve (probably) come to expect.

Thanks to your donations and JimmyfromIT’s urging, I just purchased an ergonomic keyboard pad, mouse pad, and foot rest with some of the money. Hopefully these will help me in the coming year of online classes and prevent any more wrist strain. Thanks again, Y.E. for your suggestions!

Until next time,


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