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Nyamachi’s Translation Goals – September 2020

Hello lovely readers <3

Since I made a [News and Announcements] section, I figured I might as well use it as you won’t get updates whenever I change the [Translation Goals] section of my sidebar. I plan on making a short post like this at the beginning of every month.

Like I mentioned at the end of Chp 41 of WHI, I’m not very good at follow-through and it’s something I’d like to work on. It was really nice actually achieving my rather ambitious goals for August. Let’s see if I can do a 2-month streak?

September Goals:

*Switched the days to Saturday to fit better with my school schedule*

  • WHI Chp 42 – Thurs Sept 10  Sat Sept 12 — Released!
  • LC Chp 1 Pt 4 – Thurs Sept 17  Sat Sept 19 at the latest — Released (1 day late)
  • WHI Chp 43 – Thurs Sept 24  Sat Sept 26 — Delayed 🙁

School will start soon and I’m not sure how my workload will be ^^; but I will try my best~ As always, thank you for your patience and encouragement <3 Your comments always make me smile <3

If any of you are students, I wish you a successful school year! Everything might be a bit different with classes being online but we’re in this together! Fighting!!


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